About Maura


I have always been into some form of exercise, as a child I did gymnastics, in my teenage years, it was the athletic club, karate and weight training and although I was never a county champion, I loved every minute of it, so its no surprise that my job today is in fitness.

I have been teaching since 1997(back when it was still cool to wear thong leotards and teach high impact aerobics) there are no pictures of that thank goodness.  Since qualifying with my teaching certificate, I have never looked back.  I love exercise and how it makes me feel and I hope to instill this love into all my class participants.

See you in class x


Currently Studying: APPI Equipment Pilates 2017

Fitness Pilates for Orthopedic Conditions 2016

Sports Therapy & remedial exercise 2014

Biomechanics Coach 2014

Level 3 Pilates 2012

Personal Trainer

Group exercise Instructor


Every year I attend at least two workshops on a fitness/nutrition related topic in order to keep my skills updated and to pass this knowledge onto you.

Reps Level 3 registered

Fully insured

St. John Ambulance: Emergency aid in the workplace for appointed persons