I have thoroughly enjoyed your fitness pilates classes at
Salford. You always add variety, as well as increasing the challenge each week.
You are a skilled teacher, who takes into account the needs or restrictions of
individuals, whilst keeping a good pace to every session. It is great that you
explain the purpose of each exercise and the importance of correct application,
advising and monitoring as you go along. Since joining your class I have become
far more flexible in my movement, have a clearer awareness of posture and feel
much fitter in general.Thank you for all your hard work and look forward to seeing you in September.

Love Pauline

Maura, you are a great teacher, thank you. I feel fitter
than I have in a long time, I am definitely a fitbox follower! Just a shame
there isn’t another one in the evening, can you squeeze one in? Would be great,
I bet it would be popular. Have a lovely summer and look forward to getting
back into it in September. Julie x

Thanks for such excellent classes. I love your friendly but ‘firm’ approach – working at each individual’s own pace but yet involving everyone. You are able to motivate me
and push me much further in a class situation than I can do on my own when
exercising. Your manage to give everyone lots of advice and technique tips
during the sessions that help get maximum benefit from the workout. The classes
absolutely set me up for a great, healthy week and I’d be lost without them –
Thank you!

I have been attending Maura’s fitness classes for a year now, and the only
reason I am still going, is that she is such a great class instructor! The
routine is always changing, she is continually modifying and improving the
classes so it’s just not possible to get bored (which is important as I get
bored easily). Although I prefer to push myself hard, the routines are also
great for people who prefer to take it a bit easier…it suits everyone.
Brilliant, wonderful classes..thank you Maura!


Thanks for all your fab classes this year, you are an inspiration for me to aspire to!

Gail X

“I’ve attended Maura’s circuits class for 5 years.  She is always friendly,
enthusiastic and professional and runs the class at a sensible pace to suit all
abilities from novice to athlete.  The format changes regularly to focus on
different areas of the body and you can set your own limits.  I’d recommend the
class to anyone wishing to start a regular fitness routine, or those looking to
maintain a good level of fitness with the benefit of Maura’s advice to help them along”.